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  1. You need to look a little harder into popcorn lung, it's tobacco company's trying to get there customers back there studys are based off of a study done Ina popcorn company from the 1950s and plus not every e juice flavor extract has that chemical that apparently causes popcorn lung in it lol only cheap china shit does using terps in place of that chemical would make it an organic ejuice and impossible to get popcorn lung the ejuice base is harmless it's a moisturizer and food additive extracted from vegetables , I've never felt better after dropping cigs and started vaping I can breathe again 4 years vaping heavy and I've never had popcorn lung lol or anything but positive shit

  2. I think the * rating system is based on how much residue (plant matter) is left over on the nail or screen when you dab. if there is oil left on the screen then thats fine but the 6* stuff doesnt have any material left over

  3. I can't remember the name of the guys in the Pnw that came up with the star rating in 2012. The general idea is 1-3* is bowl topper in varying quality. 4* is dabable but won't turn to oil on the nail, it'll just bubble and goo out and leave a lot of residue. 5* melts to oil and leaves residue and 6* melts to oil and has nothing left on the nail at all. The only cats in Colorado I know making 6* are Cec, the proper extracts, and dablogic. Oh yeah if you guys see this please score some dablogic from allgreens in Denver. It's pricey but he is on the crazy come up and the growers at allgreens are some of the best in the state if not the world. Peace!

  4. The Star system came from the guys in Oakland who are doing the Bubble Man brand. THey are called Bizarre brothers. They are friends with The cannabis reverend up here in WA. He got the star system from them and used it up here for the last 6 years or so. Now everyone has started using it and misusing it. Its done on a screen. Originally with a flame until you and fletch invented jermichaling. BTW cannabis reverend is good friends with fletch.1*is zero melt super low grade hash that you cant press together with hand heat.2* will bubble and give clear domes but it wont melt down.3* will almost fully become molten but doesn't melt down to where the residue is flat. it leaves clumps and mounds of residue on the screen.4* will become completely molten and leaves a flat residue witch usually has holes and gaps with clean screen.5* will fully melt and have big clear domes witch ends up with a circle of minimal residue with the center completely clean. the clean circle is where the last big clear dome popped.6* Rapidly turns to liquid. it usually doesn't make as big of bubbles as 5* because it runs right through the screen. 6* has zero residue on the screen. maybe some oil left on the screen but zero char.

  5. I wonder if by tomorrow, weed was exclusively available in form of suppositories – would you guys still sit in front of a camera and abuse the shit out of the substance, popping one up your butthole every minute and rap about it? I've been smoking for 18 years and I smoked way too much, but never have I seen such addicts like you guys.

  6. they sell terpenes at all greens in denver, 10 drops for 90 bucks. Haven't tried it yet but it's made from weed. Will let you know how it is. btw all greens has the ONLY 6* bubble in the state trust me lol 75 a g but worth it

  7. when you were talking about combining an og with a sativa, right now I have some diamond og and silver haze, neither of them on their own our my favourite, but the combo is incredible, full spectrum high

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