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  1. Snaps are the ONLY way to go in any type of situation. Back in the day when i first started smoking we used to load huge bowls and i used to get that nastiest cashed hits ever. Completely pointless to hit a big bowl that has been hit 3 times before. If i smoke with a new person and they load a huge bowl i just tell them to smoke it to themselves and then pass me thw bong afterwards and load a snap. I'm sorry but the reason i smoke isn't just to get high but to get the delicious flavor of fresh marijuana and i like it that way for every hit. To each his own tho.

  2. In canada i get decent quality butter for 50$ a gram, and it's EXTREMELY rare to find anyone selling it. Anyone else pays up to 75$ a gram, and it's a static price for new customers among dealers.

  3. You guys are bad to the bone I am wakeing and baking with you every morning here in nor cal marin county, also I am learning alot I thought I knew alot already but things have really changed now that there are concentrates.If you guys are in santa cruze thats not far from me I would love to dab with you guys soon, late G. xxstreetrocketxx@aol.com

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