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  1. i agree ecstacy is bad, if you're not a chemist or know a chemist and are doing straight up MDMA, don't fuck with it. whats your guys (or the other ccc dudes) opinions on herbal highs other than cannabis? for example tinctures like absinthe, or from the solonaceus(sp?) plants that are popular with authors such as daniel schulke and dale pendell?

  2. I agree with what you guys said about drugs and weed. Ive done mushrooms around 30 times and 25 of those were amazing experiences. 5 were not the greatest. But If I could get some now… I would definitely do them again. Just needs to be the right place and time…with some good friends.

  3. by far best W&BW I do love the new ones more usually but this one is so real its like you guys didn't give a fuck about the show or the camera whatsoever which is really cool, by far best channel on youtube 

  4. As soon as Dan clears the bong at 4:50 and starts coughing, Shane says the users name for the question "Don't choke on smoke" haha

    and Bob's hand a little before imitating Shane rambling on hahahah

  5. When you guys talk about your different highs, and say that there is no one typical high aka it varies, would you say that is cannabis just acting in its natural form, similarly to other substances such as caffeine and sugar in that they can be used but still remain functional? Unlike from drinking and "other drugs" like cocaine and heroin and shit. (typed super baked

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