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  1. Hello doctor,my dog is not taking food for last seven days,it is only drinking water with glucose. And it's urine colour is dark yellow and red…can you please suggest me home remedies for this please

  2. Hi Dr.Jones, 2yrs ago you did a video on 10 home remedies for pets. Is there an update to this video and can you also include allergies, coughing or asthma for cats 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Hi, could you do a video on diarrhea in cats, and probiotic. We have 37 cats, unfortunately one of our cats has corona virus and now most of the cats have diarrhea. Thanks.

  4. I just recently found your videos after hearing about Joe Tippens. I was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer last November. I recently started the protocol you explained with on one of those videos. I wanna thank you so much and also wanted to say that I saw a video you made a year ago about your mother in-law. So sorry for your loss and wanted to tell you I pray the peace only Jesus Christ can give is poured over your family.

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. I recently read for rinsing a dogs paws in general a solution if water and Providone Iodine with water to the look of ice-tea and soak for 2-5 mins can remove any harmful unforseen exposure your dogs paws picked up like, salt, lawn fertilizer and can help with killing yeast. Have you heard of this?

  6. Good morning,I was wondering if you would be interested in maybe doing a live with another creator, to answer common questions and maybe save people some money. I think there is a need people love to discuss there animals. Just wondering???.

  7. My dog got into a bowl of canned chicken I sprinkled lemon pepper on. He ate very little of the chicken, but I had stepped away to grab a towel and cleaner because the lemon pepper dumped out in the can. The next day he drink close to a gallon of water and started peeing in the house.

    I took him off his kibble which is higher in sodium than canned. He was back to drinking way too much water again every time after he ate kibble despite it containing no sugar. The canned food, cranberry extract, and no treats at all have slowly brought him back to normal over the past 10 days. He would be fine for 2 days until he ate his dry food.

    He has always had very low tolerance for sodium. I noticed on the ingredients the lemon pepper was very high in sodium and has some traces of garlic and onion too. Ugg.

    It did not help that a heat wave came in a couple of days later. He is good now. I found walking him on the leash about a mile a day really cleansed his system too. Taking him to a park nearby nightly.

  8. Thanks for all that you do Dr Jones. Could you please make a video about IMPA for dogs? My dog has been suffering from it for the last 8 months. We went to all kinds of vets but nothing seems to work for him. Please help. Thank you.

  9. Tula is totally working that bootie! She’s a great show model! My boy always wears shoes in the winter, not just for salt but when it’s below freezing. He always wears them in the summer above 80 degrees, especially when it’s very sunny. And he wears them anytime of year when it’s been raining because we live in NYC with high leptospirosis issues and people leaving poop that’s all getting washed around the ground or when we go somewhere that there might be lots of debris.

    It drives me nuts when people say their dog doesn’t like them — it takes some training and getting used to. You can’t just put them on and jet out the door. It also requires knowing how to measure (check with each brand) and finding the best style for your dog. Most dogs need two different sizes for the front and back paws — the front is almost always larger. When you get them, make sure you’re putting them on correctly with the strap going just above the dewclaw for most style shoes. They also need to be strapped on tight so they won’t fall off. Look up videos for training. There are also breathable dog socks that help with fit bit the shoes shouldn’t rub and cause any sores if they’re strapped on well.

  10. Love your content… can you give me some advice on liver health my dog has an enlarged liver and heart the vet thinks both my dogs have cushings.. no symptoms but blood markers indicate cushings.. I've searched and can't seem to find a video from you on liver
    health. Thx

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