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  1. I use the Ardent Mini to make infused MCT that I use in my coffee or in a cup of milk before I eat a meal and it's awesome! I can't smoke around my wife or family, they all have asthma or are really old and against cannabis plus it really upsets them. I have MS and need relief from those symptoms so edibles is a much better solution. Dosing is simple and I only use 1 gram of flower per ounce of oil so each is about 200mg.

  2. Funniest experience. Eating a 25mg gummies for the first time. Nothing happened….. At First. Then I fell asleep and woke up. Was on another planet lol. Yeah delayed effect. No joke 😌

  3. I'm in the UK 🇬🇧 I've made chocolate cookies where I couldn't sell any because I made them way too strong and from HASH none of my friends would try anymore after I gave out tester pieces!💯🌿🔥🔥🇬🇧 light weights

  4. Lot of people here talking about this much mg and that much mg..fact is that unless lab tested you have absolutely NO idea how strong (or weak) your medibles are.I make my own all the time and have to "wing it" based off how strong a smoke it is.Then I have to be my own guinea pig and try them.

  5. I like bud with a strong lemon/lime flavor because I still feel focused and clear headed no matter how much I vape. With ebibles, it seems like you only get the raw THC with no terpenes to modify the effect. Good in small amounts as a supplement to the experience, but I don't think I could ever rely on them as a complete substitute.

  6. I have not tried edibles, hell the last time I smoked was over 27 years ago. That being said we get our chance to vote here in Ohio on November 7th for Rec use and our ability to grow, I've been learning so much over the past two year's and I'm stoked to get started on my first grow. I've heard a lot about edibles and I will definitely start off low and pick a weekend when I'm off from work. ✌🏼

  7. Lol my first time.. i had a pack of 150mg of gummies that was only $10 .. i assumed at that price that it would only feel like smoking a gram of flower .. man was i wrong. I was sitting there manually breathing.

  8. I make sugar cookies with my trim. It's so nice to have a few dozen in the freezer at all times.
    Bad day work eat a cookie.inlaws coming over eat a cookie. Wife makes you watch the bachelor, eat three cookies! 🌲+🍪=🔥😎

  9. neil that wasnt a very enthusiastic 'highigan!!!!!!' you really need to step it up, you looked like you weren't having a very good time, but on another note wearing a thong while watching this just makes it hit differently ya know? good video though

  10. I always get my edibles from a licensed distributor. I would never take anyone's homemade goodie. Our retailers have to stay within limits, your buddy does not. Could be the difference of a good buzz to a really bad one. I just wish they didn't make them so delicious. The Minny Grown are like candy so keep the edibles away from children.

  11. Ive taken 1,200 mg of edibles and ive not talked to god… Wack😑lol but yes listen to these guys start slow… your liver produces 11-hydroxy-THC and when you eat your edibles its way stronger than doing bong rips, take it easy doods and doodets!

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