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  1. THOMAS! Okay since I know I won't be able to english in person I just want to say you are my single most important idol in my life besides my grandmother. You seriously have gotten me through some of the darkest, sleepless, depressing times; giving me solitude and I would just like to say thank you and I promise you we will meet in the future

  2. Aye yo I'm from fort Myers. I would have paid a left nut and a right nipple to meet you and burn one. I don't live in FL anymore but my dude you are the best. My family used to own a bar and grill on the boardwalk called the Hollywood cafe.

  3. I don't know if this message will get through I'll leave it a couple more times on some future episodes I want to give some weight loss advice to Yola. Even though you're vegan you should try to control your carbohydrates that you eat. This will allow you to become insulin sensitive and start the natural fat burning process that your body already possesses. Carbohydrates turns off the fat burning mode of the body. Thank you for giving all the content you give I hope this adds some value to your life brother

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