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  1. i genuinely wanna cry considering i just got out of jail and im not gonna be able to smoke for almost 2 years now, keep up the good work bro ima keep following for life

  2. First thing ever smoked out of was a 4 inch by prolly 2 inch wooden block, my buddy drilled out a hole in the middle to pack the “candy” in, along with a carb cap on the side and a mouthpiece on the front, was pretty badass probably unhealthy asf but I was sad asf when dude lost it.

  3. Man I really want to start a company similar to this one for all my buddys and shit like all the glass shops want to much for them and I am in love with glass it’s all I do it’s collect it but I don’t know how I would stray an online business like this one

  4. Just ordered the Frosted Spikey Rig for my B-Zero vaporizer (you have to check this out, you would love it) and some alcohol. Its my dream to one day open up my own smoke shop. I appreciate the insight and added inspiration. Much love bro 🙏🤝

  5. hey please check you cannabis manufacturer and testing lab i took 50 mg for 6 days inna row didn't feel anything last day took the 700 i was sure i was going to feel something nope rather bump a cigarette i get its hhc and its harsh but theres no way u cant consistantly smoke on it withough your throat feeling like someones clawing it way diffirent from regular delta 9 and i love all the deltas from delta 8 to thc p im going to order again just to test them and see if they match up

  6. The first thing I ever smoked out of was my step dads pipe, he had cancer and smoked almost every day and I asked if I could try when I was like 14 or 15 and he talked to my mom and they said why not, we smoked way more after that even when my mom didn't know lol but I've still got those pipes today,I'm 18 now.

  7. grabbed one of those slurper sets literally during the stream, perfect for after concerts when the house is full of f***ed up guests, no worries just setting this out with a torch for them to self serve

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