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  1. While I agree with you that Cannabis itself is not detrimental in any way, the habits and abuse of its user may be VERY detrimental. But again, the general public needs to be aware that Cannabis is very individualistic, & it's all in one's personality.

  2. Hopefully Massachusetts decides to legalize for recreational like you said. That would make me so happy. I'm currently considering moving to Colorado or Washington, just for the price drop on weed but mainly oil. Where im at, im paying $60/g for something you guys would probably consider to be lesser quality shatter. It's not tane soup by any means, it's just not suuper dank. But where you guys are at, you're probably paying $25-40/g for equal quality oil. That is WAY too radical of a price difference. makes me want to move out there so bad. But if we legalize, i can assume the restrictions would be less strict and the price would eventually begin to drop.

  3. I am 18 year old and I live in Ohio and even thought its not advertises that cannabis is for recreational use. if you read that pill they are trying to pass they are trying to legalize for both.

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