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  1. Hey Josh, great videos! I'm a Canadian and I've been paying attention to what's going on in the legalization front of cannabis. Legalization will eventually come to Canada but it will take some time to do so, it won't be in effect until I would say at least around the end of next year. Justin Trudeau is kinds putting it in the middle of his list of things to fix that Stephen Harper fucked up; what's going on with the refugee crisis, new election laws, environmental change, ect ect. The big issue that he will have is to sit down with the Premiers (similar to your state governor) in all provinces and territories to figure out what the basic law on a federal level should be and what the provinces and territories will agree with. For example, in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can go to any Dispensary that is privately owned, like a mom and pop shop to get your weed, as long as you have a medical marijuana license. But in Ontario it's a completely different story. The Province wants you to go to a State regulated store which is the same place where you can buy alcohol and liqour, and the only place where you can really buy and hard liqour or anything like that, except for beers. So pretty much the Premier of Ontario wants a monopoly on all control substance so that the majority of the money will go towards the government rather than the economy and small businesses, which would be a huge letdown because there is such a big untapped market for that, you would know better then what I would because you're from a State that's legal . So Justin Trudeau will legalize it, but it will take some time to hammer out the details. Sorry for the long post.

  2. I dont think the only thing they should he looking fore in a prime minister is the legalization of pot i think that you should of specified more of what he is also trying to make a change in

  3. Hooray for Canada, haha. I'm from Ontario so pretty stoked on that. They actually legalized the use of non-herb based products for medical use also.
    As far as that one pipe though I feel it looks more like plankton than anything else. Not the guy from spongebob but real plankton, haha.

  4. Im thinking that the percent of cannabis smokers are a lot higher than 10% and at least 50% or more Americans don't even know about or do the surveys or polls of anything in this country.

  5. From the UK, which websites would you guys recommend for budget products which still have decent quality? I'm young so got like no money xD thinking about stuff like hemp wick lighters and vaporizers

  6. Just a heads up for more news Ohio will be voting for legal rec and med cannabis this November and pre-polls already have it passing at 52% but there are pros and cons to how the bill is structured so it would be helpful to find out as much as possible as to what is actually being stated on the bill, I personally don't understand certain things about it and would appreciate a second opinion. Love the news update vids man keep it up 👍

  7. I find it funny that individuals actually think a few stoners are going to actually waste good edibles on some children running around trick or treating. HILARIOUS. The effects of an edible on a child an hour later when they aren't even present is not worth my 10/20$. The media is something else.

  8. Spot on about the smoker percentages Josh. Of course more people are admitting to smoking it now that it's legal for more people. You can bet the percentage will keep rising as it gets legal in more and more places.

  9. hmmm josh i usually agree with you and yeah youre right it would be rediculous for a cannabis user to go buy edibles, HOWEVER, ive had my fair share of homemade edibles. Yes a lot of people throw away home made materials, but what about those young teenagers who eat before their parent even see what they got that night. on the whole though, i agree that its pretty rediculous to fear this idea, cause even so cannabis IS NOT dangerous. i dont know, but im pretty much saying there could easily be multiple different anlges on that situation

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