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  1. He Josh, I know you were talking about smoking and driving. I also know that Washington has like a DUI type law for people in the state where they can have their blood drawn for suspicion of smoking weed and driving and if you have more that 5mg/ml or something you can be charged with a felony and jailed. is that law being looked at/changed in Washington any time soon? The setpoint of active THC in blood is also very low. In light of that new study, is there any push to eradicate that law? In the other 4 states that have legalized, there are no laws against smoking and driving.

  2. josh! big fann by the way! you should talk about how north dakota got a medical marijuana petition approved!!! weed in north dakotaaa sooon maybee if we get enough signitures then needs to be voted for in the next ballot!!

  3. Actually you don't need to dial "911" to call them. I think as long as the phone number contains the numbers 911 together it automatically dials 911, so if you're like in shock and you fat finger your phone you can still get help. Correct me if i'm wrong.

  4. It really depends on the person who is driving, if its some crazy broad who cant control herself, and is freaking out haha.. But yeah i smoke and drive daily never got pulled over, or any accidents

  5. i do smoke, but if school suspended me for smelling too dank, i would be a legend 😂😂😂 first nigga to have weed so loud he got suspended without even carrying 😂😂

  6. the story about the cops each police department has there own phone number you can call for emergency to instead of callin 911 so his friends number could have been close to his cities police direct number an just he just happen to dial one number wrong an dialed the boys instead but when you call the direct line when they answer the phone they say this is (city) police department what's the emergency so he either thought his friend was fuckin wit him, didn't hear them say that or just stupid high. But I don't smoke my self just not my thing but I think you have a tight channel an I enjoy the things you talk about so keep up the coo subject matter in your videos. thanks from The Bay Area

  7. Not trying to be a stickler but just to make certain we aren't being deceived by our perceptions I would like to clarify the NHTSA study was actually two studies that blended. One tested alcohol and drug presence in 6,000 random drivers and the crash information was based on 3,000 drivers involved in crashes. and off the NHTSA site I found this: Marijuana users were about 25 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers with no evidence of marijuana use. Other factors – such as age and gender – appear to account for the increased crash risk among marijuana users. In other words absolutely no increased crash risk. As I've always tried to promote, stoned driving at its worst is distracted driving. If you ae used to it you know how to turn down the volume, so to speak, so it has no more affect than the car radio. I do not promote driving if you are unable to turn down the volume whether by dose or tolerance level.

  8. Cheers from Australia man, I tune in all the time to watch your vids, love to hear the news on whats going on, super educating since its not legal here, keep doing what you do, stay high

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