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  1. "Tastes like teen spirit" lmao. Also I drink energy drinks because between house work, babysitting, a 8-9 hour job, and other crap makes me exhausted. With or without pot I would be chugging the stuff.

  2. Josh, you can rely on people in power to use bullshit science or retroactive studies as the basis for prohibition. Firearms enthusiasts like myself had our rights restricted because of a study that classified 25 year olds as children and counted anything with 8 or more shots as high capacity. Same thing regarding accidents and shit. Pools kill more children than guns in the house.
    Confermation bias is more intoxicating than weed.

  3. but did you know that if it haven't been for the ambitious of people constantly being on there tablets or phones people wood not know of strain Central. and not to a ass but personally i really big fan and not to get no one mad about this comment .

  4. If you could I would like you in your next weed tube wake and bake to do a story on how in Albany Oregon recreational canabis dispensaries are banned even though this city have the biggest meth usage in Oregon I just think it outrageous and I would like to see you opinion on it. Sincerely – Samuel Bangs

  5. yes,repeating something positive for oneself in the style:i am healthy;or health-harmony-peace; like the mantra what is loved meditation,decoding our mind which is managing our avatar:D and most importantly it is worthwhile believing in it:)

  6. hops is technically related to cannabis (its why the flowers have same weird shape to em) so that could actually be a possible way. also idk how we would hear about stuff successfully being smuggled that's kinda the point josh we don't hear about it that's how it gets thruw. anyways love your videos usually learn something and regularly share stuff with friends and family. keep up the killer work buddy.

  7. And caffeine is extremely addicting? That could be the cause… Did they just skip over this very well known fact? Caffeine withdrawal cause heavy migraines on top of those things being heavily dehydrating… the drinks themselves makes you want to drink them more…

  8. what does your financial status have anything to do with what type of person you are? yeah, after i began smoking weed it opened up me to different perspectives including that money doesnt matter over my genuine happiness. people who dont find pure happiness in life often try to find happiness through money where as after the enlightenment of weed and a few psychadellics i realized currency is irrelevant. they should have tested the mental health states of the pot heads and also asked why they do what they do.

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