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  1. I just handed my kid the plastic jar that kids multi-vitamins come in, it has push down and twist prescription style bottle cap anyway I told 'em to try to open it any way you can after about 15 minutes they gave up and gave it back to me, simple as that packaging. After all its medical and I agree should be stored in a child-proof container.

  2. Dude u should do some research on what happened in the Danish town called christiania. In Denmark weed is illegal but a part of copenhagen called christiania has a street called pusher street where pushers sells weed to danes and tourists. Well the Police makes razzias quite frequently but earlier this week the police went to Pusher street and destroyed EVERY stand. Not sure what im going for with this comment but i thought u might want to make a video about christiania and pusher street

  3. I think you should do an educational playlist, just educating people on everything, rolling J's, packing bowls for bongs and ect, I dunno I was thinking about it because when I first started I knew nothing and felt sill ashamed about when I fist started 😂 I dunno just an idea

  4. all I'm saying is anyone can walk up and take a drink from off the counter. does this mean we should ban alcohol from having the same color as regular beverages? its called be responsible, but apparently from the outside view that word holds no meaning in the cannabis world.

  5. im tellin ya man. its gonna be like caffeine. cannaboid substances are gonna be in everything. government will use em to pacify the people. second only in concern as to which buildings bush is gonna fly his holograms into next.

  6. I do partially disagree with the first story. The gummy manufacturers should have some responsibility when considering how to handle problems their final product may face. If you put a THC infused gummy bear next to a regular one, and aren't able to tell the difference, a child probably couldn't either. One solution to avoid this problem in the first place is to change the gummy molds you can use for medicine. I love the W&Bs, keep it up!

  7. I could still see maybe a babysitter or someone else in the house finding the edibles and maybe not knowing theyre THC candies and giving them to the kids if they looked like gummy bears – its bound to happen eventually lol. When I was a kid I remember I grandma almost sent my brother to school with a mikes hard lemonade cause she didn't know there was alcohol in it LMAO. Old people do dumb shit and need things spelled out for them sometimes, so I can see why gummie bear shaped candy could become an issue :p

  8. I think it's fair though for the gummies. People might try to trick kids into it for a joke. Or during Halloween people could give it to kids. If their parents look at the candy they would see them and know what isn't safe for them or what is just candy. A parent would never know if a teenager played a sick joke during Halloween because it would look like regular candy. But that's really the only issue.

  9. Like your gummy story, in Quebec, it is now illegal to sell rolling papers, tobacco, and cigars that has flavor in it, because it would make children want to smoke…I don't know where this world is going anymore lol 😛

  10. I agree with you on the gummy shapes.  Some parents don't take responsibility and put the onus on others.  Scary!!  The problem is that when a parent neglects to protect a child or similar they aren't charged and they should be.  They would smarten up real quick if that were the situation

  11. Hey Josh, love the videos! I was wondering.. would you be able to give some more advice besides, 'be yourself' and 'get something done today'? (at the end of the videos) Cheers! 🙂

  12. hy josh my name is andre n i have to write a five page essay on why weed is bad ive looked n looked n looked n couldnt find anything that had good scientific evidence to back up the claims n i thought maybe you could help me out by suggesting a few topics i could write about i really hope you can help thanks a lot i love the channel keep up the good bruh peace

  13. I think the shape ban is pretty reasonable. No harm in making gummy cubes for your medicine anyway. If I had say a 15 year old that saw a bag of gummy bears on the top shelf (theyre 15 im pretty sure they can reach it), they still might mistake it for regular gummy bears. Better safe than sorry here right.

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