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  1. If cannabis was re-scheduled it would be bad for many of the current canna-businesses and medical access. Schedule 2 drugs like opiates have much stricter in place regulations which would be bad for current canna-buisenesses. Since drug companies can not patent cannabis they don't push legalization, which is why they come up with new synthetic thc drugs. Once the cannabis industry grows large enough it will lobby for national legalization to increase the market size.

  2. It makes me LIVID how the government let's people use fake cannabis legally and not the real thing. Just, WHY? What is the point of that? We have this natural plant with its natural THC but instead go about producing fake THC so people can legally smoke???????? Just legalize cannabis and then we won't have to do any of that?????????

  3. Can I just say, Fuck the DEA. they make money off cannabis illegalization. They will never legalize it unless we do something to keep them in check. Or abolish them entirely. Fuck. The DEA.

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