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  1. Holy shit….he named it….my boys I buy n trade herb with….we always talk about the gooy ring around the end of a joint of the finest flowers. Rez Ring…..I am totally busting this vid out when I go for my evening sesh tomorrow…thank you my mellow man!!!

  2. I'm so happy to know this strain is catching peoples interest. This is a strain that's worth getting in on – delicious taste, good balance of THC to CBD, and a really mellow, giggly, happy high that ends with a feeling of peace. I found it in a Washington state dispensary the first time, then found some sugar sauce of it in Oregon. I haven't seen it again since then, I'm hoping some locals will start growing it again.

  3. hey bro! i just found out your channel. i’m italian and i will stay in Toronto for 2 weeks this summer. unfortunately i’m only 18. what if i get caught by the cops smoking? is it a big deal? is it easy to get it underage? thank you very much! (i read you have to be 19 to drink or smoke)

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