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  1. You guys need a NAS & UPS you psychopaths.
    X99 with ye old xeon goes good, ecc, all the ram for L1 cache. Bit of unraid or FreeNAS 10GB saturated easy. Storage, web hosting, game servers, plex.

    What level eithernet? Its pretty choppy, ive had probs in comercail settings before with EMF. I went cat7 and earthed one end so I didnt create a loop. Tax right off for a rack of Ubiquity or cisco porn👍 You also need a Kinpin RTX 4080 on water for work 🥳

  2. Bit late to the party.
    What happened to the camera? Bit minecraft like. Come on 4k hdr goodness
    With the lighting and green eye shadow, looks like Heaven may turn and eat your brains soon lol

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