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  1. Hard to try and compete with temple of boom the album was insane. Just wish ice cube didn’t effect the outcome cus there was a couple hard core diss songs that made sense but kinda didn’t go with the flow but! The disrespect ice did the album was justified 🤙

  2. I’m about to start up some coco melon strain but only cus I heard you talking about the chocolate Thai on the temple of boom album is a cross between chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze

  3. Eyyy 😃 I was like#42 wooo 🙂 what's up !! B-Real , If you with Berner or wiz lol HWY GUYS JUST WANT TO SAY YALL ARE LEGENDS AND THANK YOU FOR THE DANK WEED WE SMOKING NOW A DAYS !!!

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