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  1. I'm 16 and I will say I do this I started when I was 15 almost 16 and I have not had any problems from doing so. I have friends that are 14 that do it to but its all about if your Mature Enough for it Like he said. But I also think if your happy, healthy And not in pain without it then you dont need to do it till your 21.

  2. I’m 17 I turn 18 in a year and I’m a junior in high school my parents hate that I smoke and stuff. I have a 3.6 GPA in high school and I’ve already been accepted to many colleges to be a historian. Not sure if this means I’m mature or if weed actually helps me get good grades 🤣
    I smoke everyday during lunch at school with my friends in my car. And I go back to class high as a kite but I still get my work done.

  3. I started smoking weed when i was 13 probably due to peer pressure im 14 now and have been smoking it every few days since although i do worry about the effects like psychosis or schizophrenia but weed has helped me in school from failing to now getting high grades lol

  4. my school pretty bunk and weeds illegal in my state, doesnt stop middle- high schoolers being caught with edibles, canna oil, and bud.

    i was one of the sellers because my dad smokes and has stuff on him a lot, there were like 7 sellers when i was in middle school

  5. Brain development wise, 21-25. Legally and pragmatically, 18 or 19 (if keeping it out of high school is a concern). Here in Canada the age to legally purchase in most provinces is 19 (except in Alberta where I live it's 18). At least here, it also mostly matches the age for alcohol and tobacco consumption and the age you're considered an adult. Medically, it should be a case by case basis.

    Maybe I could see the case for restricting shatter, wax, and dabs and other high thc products (over 30%) to 21 or over.

  6. I am 17 and I smoke weed not everyday but 3 or 4 times a week but I smoke very little joints. And personally I think you can start smoking when ever you want u just don't let it effect your daily life. Have some time to hangout with your friends or talk with your family. But I would suggest u to smoke at night just cause u won't have anything to do at night that will effect it daily life and heck u will have a good night sleep trust me 😆

  7. Im 13 years old, and i have a lot of things going on rn and i have a lot of stress holding me back. I smoke about a gram every week give or take. But it has really helped me figure out what i want and what i want to foucus on. In my case, do you think I should quit or try to smoke less.

  8. Bruh stfu how did u better yourself. What have u made of your life. Your not In college ypu have no future after YouTube. You centered your whole life around weed.Maybe you should've tooken your own advice

  9. from my personal experience i so happened to be 18 when i started which in the country i am in states that at 18 i'm the age of which people consider you an adult so for me 18 is a decent age! also i feel around this age for the most part people are matured or at least beginning to mature enough to be mindful of their use

  10. I’m 17, smoke 3-4 times a week and my grades are better than ever. But I also know people who are much older than me that all they do is smoke pot and do nothing. I totally agree with you that it varies person to person and it’s more of a maturity rather than age thing.

  11. I'm a little bit (yeah a little bit lol) older than you Josh and IMHO I think 21 is an acceptable age. I started doing rec cannabis late freshman early sophomore year in HIGH school around 15 years old. Then I quit for a very long time until i got sick and needed cannabis as a med (mostly, lol). Its hypocritical of me but if do over, yeah 21 yrs old. your brain is still developing and too much of anything will mess you up. JAMA peer reviewed studies (if theyre accurate) say 24 ish is the cutoff but im a little more liberal and would say 21. Im sure lots of you rolling your eyes but if I had a do over Id wait till after 20. So study and leave the recreation for college. Peace and Good Vibes!

  12. I have several questions though. Currently I am suffering from chronic migraines, insomnia, and anxiety. I haven’t yet applied for a medical card but I plan to eventually. I an older than 18. I need additional help with relieving my migraines, staying calm, and getting to sleep and staying asleep. My question is how often should I smoke or take cannabis to relieve my ailments? Should it be only when I experience an episode whether it be a migraine or an anxiety attack? Or should I take cannabis preventatively as well as when I need it? And lastly is there any definitive proof that smoking cannabis or just taking any form of cannabis causes cancer? I’m a lifeguard and I enjoy going on long walks sometimes. Would using cannabis hinder my lung strength or my lung health to a point where I wouldn’t be able to do those things? If anyone can answer my questions please feel free to respond

  13. I will be perfectly honest I am 14 and a cannabis user. My family life is hard because my dad is in prison, my mom can’t afford to feed a whole family of 4, and my sister is a bully. I don’t use cannabis to be cool or edgy, I don’t use it to harm myself, I don’t get in other peoples way. I am in homeschooled and can’t leave the house until like 9. Cannabis is a miracle to my life and probably one of the only things that keep me from running away.

  14. I wanna start smoking weed (im 15) cause im kinda dead inside/experiencing very slight depression(haven't thought about suicide and never will) but i just wanna laugh and get excited about stuff again

  15. I'm 15 and the only reason I smoke occasionally is for medical reasoning. I think you should get your life rolling before you start smoking unless you have a chronic illness and need it.

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