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  1. As an Iraqi who has close Iranian friends I feel horrible for the injustices happening to their country, these people are my neighbors and they deserve to have fair lives free of such oppressions. The courage they are showing is inspiring and they have nothing but my support✊

  2. Please report about Red Kurdistan what you do to the Kurdish people, everything terrible, thank you How is something like that international law contrary to international law so what is possible incomprehensible That's how it looks like the pigs Soviet Union Azerbaijani Armenians have stolen their country from the Kurds Red Kurdistan no longer exists The Red Kurdistan (Kurdish Kurdistana Sor, Azerbaijani Qızıl Kürdistan, Russian Красный Курдистан) refers to an autonomous province in the former USSR, which existed from 1923 to 1929. Autonomous District Red Kurdistan 1923 to 1929 briefly newly created Red Kurdistan Autonomous District 1930 historyEdit The area between the Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenian Syunik was settled by Kurdish tribes in the 18th century. Eventually they became the majority in that area, especially around Laçın (Kurdish Laçîn), Kəlbəcər (Kurdish Kelbajar) and Qubadlı (Kurdish Qûbadlî). In 1920 this region became a part of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. On May 23, 1923, the area received the status of an autonomous district (Ujezd) within Azerbaijan and bore the name of Red Kurdistan. However, other Kurdish areas were not given a national district and were not allowed to join Red Kurdistan. The official language of Red Kurdistan became Kurmanji and its administrative center Laçın. According to the census of the Soviet Union in 1926, 51,200 people lived in Red Kurdistan, of whom 37,470 (73.1%) were Kurds, 13,520 (26.3%) Azerbaijanis and 256 (0.5%) Armenians.

  3. He forgot to mention "rape and torture in prison".
    Many protestors die one day after being released from prison with some sort of poison added to their last meal.
    Many have been raped reportedly and many corpses of protestors had their organs missing.
    Heads were crushed and broken arms. These are what you don't see but these are the protestors' situation in Iran.

  4. banned journalism : true
    people protesting : true in some places of country not all
    people supporting government : true in some places of country not all
    people destroying other peoples car, banks and etc that nothing to do with government : true
    individual harassment by protesters to those who has nothing to do with government : true
    the goal of some protesters is wearing not hijab : true
    women can do anything a man can do in Iran except marrying another woman : true
    banned internet : true

    If you want to lie and all believe you just learn to mix lies with truth and give a good presentation.

    The truth is truth but lies seem to be truth in between them.

  5. Majidreza Rahnavard we tried our best for you and mohsen shekari and we will not stop for all the others, until Iran has freedom!

    RIP brave man!

    If you are still silent – you are helping the regime!

    Please speak out loudly for the brave Iranian people!

    Silence = Death! Do not let them be murdered, tortured and raped in silence!

    Never Forget – Never Forgive!

    Demand your country kick out the regime ambassadors which don't represent the people of Iran!

    Women Life Freedom
    زن، زندگی، آزادی

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