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  1. Depending on what region of Italy your people came from it's the same thing as Sunday sauce, the two ways Italians say “sauce” in Italian are salsa and/or sugo. Both words translate as “sauce” but never as “gravy.” Ragù doesn't even translate as “gravy” but comes close enough since it involves meat which is what people really mean when they say “gravy”

  2. Since this short doesn't actually explain what "totally legit italian grocery store sauce Rao's totally like nonna used to make bro only 6.99" Sunday Gravy is — Sunday Gravy is a slow simmered heartily seasoned tomato sauce that includes several types of meat (usually whatever you had leftover/laying around). Your stereotypical 8 hour grandma ragu or spaghetti sauce? That's Sunday Gravy. It's actually an interesting subject because it highlights the difference between italian american and old world italian cooking based on what was available to the respective chefs. You don't find the heavy meat sauces as much in traditional italian cuisine, because the meal in the old world was the pasta or whatever you put the sauce on. In America the meal was the sauce (gravy) and the carbohydrate was the accompaniment, due to how much cheaper meat and tomato's were.

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