What is the Best Blunt Wrap? Backwoods, Dutch Master, Fronto, Swisher, White Owl? @TrueBudsShow

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Do you agree? What is the best Blunt Wrap?? To watch the rest of the podcast head over to the @TrueBudsShow this episode is …

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  1. I’m from NJ and grew up smoking dutches. The process he’s talking about is called twisting it up, and is the best way to roll a Dutch. You can keep the outer leaf moist exhaling your breath on it to keep moist while you roll.

    I smoke elements rice papers now primarily, but ya just took me back one time for the culture! Dope content 🤘🏿🔥

  2. Yesterday I rolled a 35+ y/o Royal Jamaican Bucaneer cigar up into a blunt [live on stream] and it was one of the best blunts I've ever had. Kind of sad I only have 3 more and there is no more. Ever! The factory was destroyed by a hurricane in 1987.

  3. Fronto kings, Old man’s, wild berry backwoods, Russian cream backwoods, bourbon backwoods, white owl grapes, swishers are good for a bigger variety of flavors. These are my top picks. In my area number one is def old man’s and fronto. Tobacco leafs are just better for getting more out of it and to avoid more veins, makes you a better roller. Stuff like white owl’s practically rolls it for you, just tuck and lick, and it dries up faster so don’t let it air out too much. If it do, wet it a lil. Don’t soak it. Pat dry or run the lighter under the whole blunt quickly to dry it

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