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  1. You're on a boat with nowhere to go and that's terrifying. I watch Below deck on Bravo and guests get extra when they drink and their friends will stop them because there are cameras there.

  2. Employment I would NEVER except!Money is not EVERYTHING..ALL THAT GLITTER IS NOT GOLD..PLUS!I would not be around people that feel like they can do what they want to me!AND…they could possibly MURDER you (for fun!)and get clean away with it…that's why people that will do anything for MONEY …are dangerous TOO..NO THANKS!

  3. He does realize that this isn't really hiding his identity very well right? You can tell from his build, back of his head/hair. Hopefully those are sneakers or an outfit he has never worn on his days or hours off. Should've worn a large coat and some socks. Hope he's well though. No surprises here though. I've suspect every part of what he's speaking of.

  4. Rich people think they can get away with everything and, unfortunately, they can. They can just do bribes or lobby representatives in their favor to stay innocent.

  5. I'm a millionaire yacht owner and it's true…We do get what we want sexually from the boat staff in international waters and it's amazing!!! You know how we get what we want from them? It's the implication that they'll get thrown overboard and left for dead if they don't comply!

  6. This guy has an impressing body, guess someone could identify him accoring to his looks and his hands? I recommend watching Triangle of Sadness. You don't learn anything, yeah, but this is my comment on it.

  7. Hey now that doesn't sound so bad…. uh… unless we're talking a bunch of gay male billionaires in which case… I'll tell you what, on second thought I believe I'll just take a pass on the whole thing just on the off chance that it might be a gay male billionaire involved – some things just aren't worth the risk!

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