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  1. How about in the UK lol nearly legal in five years just got back from Amsterdam The weed was not that good the best Weed we got was strawberry Kush in the greenhouse don't go to the ball dog is very good then again I'm talking to you you're in a brilliant country and apparently as you just said on your way can break it's a legal oils in Amsterdam I wanted blue dream and and the main one which you're probably laugh from getting it from out there now I've been there is girl Scout cookies some of the dealers over there are so rude you cannot talk to them you are not allowed to touch the weed very weird but it probably would be to me because I live in a country you were you cannot have £10 worth with out getting arrested what I did get was candy cash as well I wanted Blue dream now I'm rambling on Stoner rambling on lol 😁👌✌🏻️

  2. Tehy need to pass the Carers act and make weed schedule 2. schedule 1 says it has no medical benefit but its been proven it has a lot of medicinal properties.

  3. also on the CBD oil Ohio allows the sale of CBD oil in our vape shops you do have to find certain vape shops that know about it but they are allowed to sell certain CBD oils

  4. on the 30 days of internal possession I once tested positive for 97 days while I was in the county jail had no way to smoke and still pass tested positive for 97 days does that mean that I internally possess cannabis for 97 days lol

  5. i had some grapefruit from honey fire extracts and it was straight terp sauce and i love your videos man im dabbin along with you on some CO2 extracted syringes right now

  6. Keep it up with your channel, love the educational info that you give and the reviews you do, this is eskimo is happy with your new vids and old, been following you for awhile now

  7. Bro you must have read my comment! Unless you read my mind bc you totally nailed the ending phrase with my suggestion!   Honestly just made my day man. My dad has stage 4 terminal prostate cancer and I got some not so encouraging news today about his situation. Ive had a ton on my mind today as my dad is my best friend and amazing father and needed a mental break. I heard the end and it put a huge light into me. Funny how the universe works. Thankyou so much man for just getting my mind off of things not just today but all your videos. You are doing areally good thing. You are one of the people who devotes a majkr part of your daily life educating, changing minds and perspective s on cannabis. So frustrating being in a state that is not even medical yet and my dad doesnt even have an opportunity to let cannabis heal him. Thanks again man and please keep spreading your viral positive vibe.

  8. great video dude, i always wondered exactly what made hemp different from a regular cannabis plant. and the thing about the post office was pretty interesting as well haha.  i love these informative topic vids and the wake and bakes for that reason. always learning. im interested in your terpine knowledge thusfar i remember you bringing it up a while ago and it sparked my interest of the different terpines and what the taste/smell like. you should totes make an in depth vid about that soon. i usually comment from my solo account but i always watch your vids, have been for a while now. great information and content. you're a humble, smart, and creative guy. stay dedicated man, you'll go far! thanks for the positive messages at the end, way to spread love and knowledge in the community.

  9. Haha smoken on some Flo in the great state of South Dakota.. where its illegal to walk and be high………….. Just thought it was funny that it was the only state!!

  10. If you get caught with the plant material and the concentrate, in Florida, you can be charge with:
    1) Possesion of cannabis over/under 20 grams (FOR THE MATERIAL)

    2) Possesion OR manufacturing of Hashish (FOR THE CONCENTRATE (THC) OR FOR GETTING CAUGHT MAKING IT)

  11. The high CBD cannabidiol that comes from the industrial Hemp plants extracted into a concentrate 16% for example doesn't really do a thing for my epilepsy & my seizures , But the CBD from the more common cannabis strains that are higher in CBD with other cannabinoids like THCa , THCV ,CBDV,CBN , cannabinoids & some Terpenes a-pinene & Linalool which all have anticonvulsant properties work so extremely well ,So much better than any pharmaceuticals when it comes to treating my conditions . I owe my life to cannabis if it wasn't for this beautiful plant then I wouldn't be here writing this now & this is why I continuously fight for change in the law surrounding cannabis as so much still needs to change for the better as people's lives really do depend on cannabis to stay alive , be well , be healthy, lead somewhat normal lives , Or even just to use cannabis as a safer recreational choice then it should be upto us the individual to decide on & not for the government to make that decision for us ( As we are not slaves after all )

  12. Dude I totally feel you man like we might just be stoned but still give stoners the power !!!! Love your channel representing cannabis in a positive way !!!!! Love the stoner rant !!!

  13. I love your channel so much ! I honestly have learned so much more about cannabis from watching your videos:) hopefully recreational use in Cali soon becomes legal soon 😀 Cheers
    josh! Stayfaded;)

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