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  1. I ordered Nuleaf cdb.Got a great price with a coupon code.
    My 15 yo Tuxedo cat has developed seizures.Bought Seizure Symptom support from Pranapets.There cdb too $$$$$. Together suppose to stop seizures.
    Thank You for all of your research that is educating the listeners to make there healthier alternative choices for there loved pets.

  2. my shih-tzu has itp in 2016 and ever since then he gets allergy condition, gets yeast a lot and gets cytopoint shots every month. he is going to Midwest Veterinarian in Buffalo Grove as the dr is the only one we can find here that is a dermatologist specialist. he is on a prescription diet Hydrolized Wet and Dry food but it seems it is not helping. i just do not think it is environmental as it only started having these issues after ITP and when cortisone and prednisone stopped. i will try some home cook food from The Farmers Dog and Ollie or even start trying it myself and just get some added nutrients out there…

  3. My dog is in pain. At first I thought he just can't properly due to seating for a long time. But after few hours he looked worst. Whilr laying I cam see that he is twitching and his foot is like kicking. My sister see it like he was just stretching but i know he isnt. I can hear him crying because of discomfort. He has no appetite this day and keeps on sneezing so bad. I keep on searching for answers and Youtube brought me here . Im worried. I coulndt bring him to vet right now because Im afraid he do bite us if we touched him in the wrong part.😢

  4. Awhile back I ordered both the CBD Oil and a 90 day supply of your original dog supplement. I had previously ordered the 90 day supplement approximately 6 times. It always took a month to receive it. But this time with the CBD Oil & Supplement 2 months had gone by. I called in and was told my order was stopped and lost at Customs at the Border. Something about CBD not allowed over the border.I asked the company why they didn't let me know already and they said it wasn't up to them to let me know. They also said that in their Terms & Agreement that they don't have to give me my money back. They gave me my refund Less $10.00 because of the exchange. They don't give back what it costs you as a Canadian paid for the US $$$. I really do like your supplement but haven't ordered anything since because I don't want to lose more $$$. This is the 4th time I tried to send a message through your other email website but it never accepted and just rejected it back again. Please Dr. Jones you need to contact that company to let them know their customer service needs improvement plus they don't guarantee delivery and funds won't be returned.

  5. Would you recommend this in lieu of steroids for gastrointestinal bowel disorder? I'm just really worried that our English Bulldog is having trouble breathing because if the steroid.

  6. That train..lmbo!😂
    Love your humor and your priceless advice!
    Thank you so much AND thank you for always answering my questions even of very old posts.
    Susan aka Suzie Wong

    PS I missed or couldn't find how to go to your webinar.
    I'm just stupid when it comes to technology…🤔🤯

    And now I want an apple!🤨🍎🤔

  7. I’m also interested in attending. Not only for my elderly dog who is suffering from arthritis due to hip dysphasia but also for myself. As far as your back injury… I broke my spine at the age of 14 but did not have corrective surgery until after the age of 40. That was the worst decision of my life! After suffering even more after surgery I finally sought alternative therapies. For a great compendium of back exercises I can’t recommend Dr Vijay Val’s book enough. It’s called BACK RX and is a mix of yoga, Pilates and PT. This regimen has helped me more than any opioid or other drug and I’m off of all them right now! Looking forward to the webinar!

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