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  1. Love white beans! In Louisiana, cook your beans on Mondays, while doing laundry, or at least that is the tradition. And sub out the hocks for pickle meat. Yes, Pickle Meat! It is so delicious in white beans. Traveling home from NOLA, o was pulled aside in airport security because I had pickle meat in my carry on. Officer said she didn’t blame me for taking pickle meat home where I can’t get it in the grocery.

  2. @Munchies i love your content,. Great quality and i gladly watch it over TV, but you guys seriously gotta take a look at some normalizing or compressing your audio,. That mix is SO low,. Compared to most other youtube channels, their audio might not be recorded as well as yours but their audio levels make sense!

  3. Farideh, if you come to Sydney Australia can i take you out on a date please. I think you may be the one.
    I know a place that does pretty fuckin good meat pies we can go to..

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