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  1. Where did you get that rig with the tree perc attachment? Very nice. Also what are those black beads called that take away the burnt ash taste away? That got inside the bowl piece

  2. Right on with the review man! I pick this up regularly because of the calming affects it gives. The smell and flavor are ok but the affects and the high are why I keep pickin it up. Great anxiety and ptsd strain

  3. that shit looked good as fuck enjoyed the review as always , oh my daily driver flower piece is the one i won from you thank you so much  😉 che che cheers

  4. I always keep my dank stems I have a bag of them with probably 10 grams lol.  I'm a big fan of the hashy strains.  Fruity strains too and i looove indica, it sounds like I would be all over the White Label. Great review Josh! have a good one fam cheers!

  5. The Hindu Kush Mountain range is in Afghanistan So an afghanie landrace and a true kush are the same historically or have the same genotype but could easily be different phenotypes, their is a bubbaberry cut going around la that is very similar to in description and look be maybe not as frosty but is sure hash on berry taste, just smoked the last of my Shatter and im too stoned to remember what the 2 types were :D, And Pie Once again thank you for gifting Josh such beautiful Medicine it is a pleasure it see that frost and i bet even more so to taste it. pce and jah bless

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