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  1. This topic is so weird, everyone has a personal preference, as for me nobody is touching any emcee from The GoodLife Cafe out here in LA, but there are plenty of people that have bars that hardly anybody has ever heard of

  2. Way to keep it real @breal 💯💯 u said the exact thing I say 2 my nephews when talking about eminem 🐐 and as @eminem say I FEEL I WILL NEVER GET THE PROPS I DESERVE. Em is one of best 🔥🔥🔥🐐

  3. You cannot be the greatest wrap of all time if you stole somebody else’s name or use somebody else’s image or persana
    8 wale
    7 Eminem
    6 LL
    5 Tupac
    4 Kendrick Lamar
    3 rakim
    2 lil Wayne
    1 oluDara

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