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  1. I have ten dogs. 4 Chihuahuas. 1. Pibblepei (pitbull/sharpei mix). 1. Rottweiler/Lab mix. 1. Doberman Pincher. 1. Pitbull/dachshund mix. 1. Pitbull/cane corso mix. 1. Am. Staffie Terrier (aka pitbull). Each were rescued from a high kill facility. Each over age 2 when I adopted them. Each had a background of abuse, neglect or fighting ring. These dogs live together with me in a tiny house on 20 acres. It makes no sense to me to ban any dog based on breed alone. There are dogs who bite. There are dogs who become aggressive. Did you know the instances of bites are more frequent between humans than dogs? The frequency of attacks that lead to killing are more frequent with humans than dogs? Yet, I've never seen legislation banning humans anywhere on the planet! Since 1886, there have been about 900 dog bites recorded attributed to "pitbull type dogs". That is an incredibly low instance of bite frequency! In NY State alone, the instances of bites by humans outnumber dog bites 100:1! Lol Perspective!! Why does it seem like all we ever hear about is vicious pitbull attacks? Misidentification and fear focused media. Most BSL leaves the identity of a dog open to interpretation! "Pitbull" is not a specific breed. Pitbull is defined as any big headed dog with large jaws and a potentially lethal bite. Well, shit! I have had several Chihuahuas that might fit that interpretation! My 6 bullies have never been aggressive with my littles. My 3 pound Chihuahua is the boss of them! They protect him and provide comfort and warmth when he needs it. They are amazing! I might be biased, but I will die advocating for bully breeds! Thank you, Doc. Jones, for speaking out against these useless and unnecessary laws.

  2. i have rescued several "aggressive" dogs (mostly shepherds, my favorite breed) that turned on their owner and were slated to be put down. almost all have been abused to the point when they had had enough. they turn around in less then a month.
    i rescued a fighting bull dog from the pits.he turned out to be the best dog i owned. never aggressive loved everybody and all dogs except his breed. had him for 10yrs. i might add the poorest trained dog i ever owned. i'd tell him to do something he would think a minute then usually give me the bull dog your kidding look and walk away.

  3. Thank you! It is never the dog, but the person training the dog. People are responsible for vicious behavior, like Michael Vick of NFL, profession football in the USA, who trained his dogs to be mean and fight to the death. The laws should control these people with jail sentences because the dogs are the victims of cruelty.

  4. Hi I just got a German Shepard/ siberian husky mix puppy he's 11 wks tomarow. I've been hearing there are serious health risks neutering to early is this true? this really has me concerned,advice would be apreciated.What is the best age that you would recommend to neuter my big boy

  5. My sons pit bull is a total mush, my boy is beautiful. I have been attacked by a black lab, and a chihuahua. In NZ they want to eliminate the bull breeds. Its not right. Its the owners that need to be dealt with.

  6. Every day I walk my dog some low Chihuahua mix always come running up and want to buy want to fight my dog I have a staff writer terrier pitbull and he is on a leash he goes to obedience class on Saturday and every day I walk my dog there is some little dog tearing out from some condor of some alley want to fight and fight my dog and I literally have to push this dog my dog is 73 pounds he just turned a year he is laid-back he looks at them like what is the problem he do not know how to fight in the way I'm glad because David did I have his license he's chips and everything shops and all he do not bark nothing is wrong with his vocal chords you just lay back he just don't bar and it's sad in the city of Gardena they want you to get him after he wasn't giving to me altered so why should I get them altered they said to call him down my dog is calm now😔if I lived in Canada I will be moving not my dog

  7. i agree wholeheartedly. i have known many pitbulls, and even ones that were not familiar with small children behaved parentally towards my toddler son! Also, of all the neighbourhood dogs who've wandered onto my property, the only one that DIDN'T kill my chickens was the pitbull!!! I would own one in a second, if it wasn't for their short fur – they are not suited for outdoor living in northern climes.

  8. My dog is a pitbull and he's such a good guy and an outstanding citizen. Brought him overseas from a place where pits were ban. Guess rescued him …the question is : Who rescued whom. He's well trained, loyal and sweet. Also very protective, so even when he's well socialized, I never drop the guard and mostly don't let strangers to pet him. Trained on signs, that requires from him to pay full attention to what I'm saying and avoid distractions. Been a fan of big dogs since forever. German shepherds, short and long hair, Doberman blue, Rottweiler, Standfordshire… Collies, for the kind side. Indeed, a fan of the "forbidden breeds"…Lol. Bracco, that's his name, is my second pit. And love them …they don't deserve the bad reputation been given. I wish people could be as well trained like dogs. Honestly …some people should be leashed …😂😂😂

  9. I don't have anything against bitbulls, Don't fear them either. But I don't want to own a bitbull breed dog, because when I was 9 or 10yrs a wild bitbull chased my friends and I. Than it chased me down the street, knocked me off my bike and Tried to bite me. I was hold the dog back but the dog was still snapping at me and kept trying to bite me , lucky for me My older cousin(18rs old) throws the dog off me. We get back inside the house, Lock the door. so That's why I don't wanna own a bitbull dog not out of fear nor ignorance because I love all dogs including them. I am just not ready to own that breed of dog Just yet because of some bad experiences with other people's dogs.

  10. Thank you for speaking out. I think the legislation that needs to be is- owners should be required to license their dogs and go through basic training and learning about different options in training, feeding and care. With so many trainers out there, and 4H groups, communities can offer this for free or near free to get basic training in dog care and training. If one is going to own a dog you should be able to do this. Folks can get exempt by their vets and then this way people get support and dogs have a better chance to live with us nicely. I wanted a pit mix because of their great short hair, stength and friendliness for service, but given these BSLaws I was too afraid to try that and be travelling and have my dog confiscated. I still worry because my dog is an Australian Shephard/border collie mix and worry that Shepards may just be forbidden across the board. In fact it is making us so careful and working so hard to make sure she is not aggressive and learning to give kisses instead of biting. The bigger dogs I had were bigger babies, the smaller ones had to be really taught how to accept a lot from humans so they were not fearful. Plus folks need help with when their dogs get old and cranky so they can provide for them healthfully too and avoid bite issues.

  11. You are so right!!! Thank you for speaking out. It is HUMAN behaviour that more than likely causes the problems, NOT the dog of particular breeds. I have watched families go thru ruin because they had to give up a member of their family. Horribly unfair.

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