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  1. I agree with Dee B420!! I would definintly start a little business here in NC and yes, it would pay got itself in no time! As long as I didn't smoke up all the proft!! Lol…I would damn sure make a good try of it because you don't see that very much here in NC anymore! Not like the good old days when you could actually still find REAL blonde Lebanese hashish with the wax seal on it, red Pakistani hashish, or you could even still find black gum opium back in those days, yum, yum,

  2. I really want one but I have many questions, is it worth it even for the smallest unit you offer for somebody that doesn’t grow their own weed? Does it work with any weed, like my back yard “ok” weed? I mostly vape an would love to save money on pens if I can. How many grams of oil do you get out of a 7gram smash? I am very interested.

  3. Upgrade program sounds amazing, really shows the company really cares about return customers! I think this has convinced me of my next press to purchase 🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻

  4. You guys need a legit storefront though. My first nug smasher came drenched in hydraulic fluid. Sent it back and they either sent me the exact same one or turned it on its side again.

  5. Brilliant .love 1 when cannabis is legalise in uk 🇬🇧 England . But just vaporizer vapour my weed in the mighty vaporizer .is just as good eat left over vap weed

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