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  1. My cat was drooling from both sides of her mouth the other day but I was stroking her belly her back and head and I was headbutting with her and she was purring so loud, happy contented cat.

  2. Hello sir..
    My cat is just 2 month old..and she continues drooling from 5 days and cause she is too weak in this session..
    I cannot find any pet hospital near me..plz tell me any homeopathic medicine..so i will make it and give her

  3. My cat drools when I try to use tick and flea spray and I am surely not going to use it anymore if it is hurting my cat. Maybe it will be worth it idk

  4. Great topic, I have seen some of my cats drool excessively after giving them prescribed medication however I wasn't aware of other reasons. I wonder, could allergies also contribute to drooling?

  5. Hi Dr. Jones, thanks again for a great informative video. I also had a dear cat that we rescued and he lived for 17 years while FIV+. Ginger looked a lot like Rockstar in your video.
    I don't know what gives cats and animals or people their personalities but Ginger was a bundle of love that sat on you wherever you sat down whether you like it or not. He sat on you watching tv or when you wanted to read the paper.
    Anyway our dear Ginger was FIV+ as I mentioned, and as a result his immune system was weakened as you know. Most of his infections occured through his bad teeth and gums so we were alerted to this through seeing him drooling. When we first noticed the drooling, we thought he had bad teeth and we went to vet for a dental hygiene. Then our dear Ginger was diagnosed with FIV.
    We kept him healthy and comfortable as long as we could but he did drool and get mouth infections which must have been painful .
    I think in hindsight, I would not have let him suffer as long as we did but he was such a great cat that had love and affection in the face of the pain he was feeling. Awesome cat.

  6. Hi Dr. Jones,
    I have a question. My puppy (7 months old) holds his urine when left alone. He is never left alone and when he is it's never for longer than 4 hours. There has been 2 occasions where I have no option and left him for longer than 8 hours. Now I do leave him in a large enough area with pee pads but he will not go unless he is outside. I can't have him out because of the heat and there is all sort of hawks and coyote. Should I be concerned? I have heard dogs can get UTI if they hold it for too long.

  7. My cat was drooling and not eating. We took him to the vet and he had an ulcer about the size of a dime on his tongue. The vet treated the ulcer directly and it went away quickly.

  8. Interesting I've had cats and dogs all my life and have never seen a cat that had this problem but I'm sure if I ever do this vid will come to mind. And I agree honey is a wonderful medicine for both man and animal for a number of problems it's a God given cure and/or aid.

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