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  1. Hello from India. What could be cause of excessive ,running like rear legs movement ,it’s been going on for 3 months . First I thought my 7 yr old rescue dog is dreaming. But now vets here have prescribed anti allergic that too hasn’t helped really as he would stop moving his leg only for few hrs in the night. I really feel helpless. : I do see his muscles covering femur bone making movement post which he does two three rounds of those running like movement : then he stops , then again in 30 seconds to a min of no action and then again follows the same pattern. This all happens when he is actually sleeping or sleepy. : while awake he Isa playful dog. , who is used to cantering 3/4 times a week . Pl pl suggest

  2. Doc my pet cat is breathing heavy and rapidly over 2 months. I did all his blood tests which showed he has anemia and has high BUN value. I went to my nearest vet hospital several times but the heavy breathing didn't change after giving antibiotics. After ecg doc said he has both left atrial and ventricular enlargement. Now he breaths more rapidly and doesn't eat much. He's very weak. What can I do?

  3. My boy (PBGV) always stares at me when we're out driving which he so enjoys. Whether he's in the back seat or next to me. Always makes me laugh – he's the best boy and I don't think (in this particular situation) it's because he wants treats because he knows he never gets any when we're driving. But boy I'd like to know what he's thinking and what goes on in that pretty little head. A lot for sure.

  4. But what does it mean when I’m driving and I look over at her laying in the passenger seat…and she’s STARING 👁👁 at me? (I don’t feed her in the car…especially when I’m driving!)

  5. My dog stares at me, too, when she wants something, especially when I am on my Laptop and she wants me to get OFF and give her the attention instead 😁🐶💖

  6. We assume she is studying us intently to learn how to better bend us to her will. She is a master of the art of benign human manipulation. She doesn't even blink when she does it. Basset Hound. She knows how to work the system.

  7. If they just ate or had their favorite snacks… our dogs/cats stare at me because all they want is pure love. They give soooo much unconditional love endlessly they deserve it and get just that!!! 🐶🐱🥰

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