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  1. Why does the yeast grow to begin with and what can be taken internally to eliminate the yeast? My little girl has ongoing ear infections and ALWAYS licking/chewing on her paws. She's at the point of losing fur now. Each vet I've taken her to, treats the symptoms but not the cause.

  2. Pl give remedy for cats ear mites as well fungus at home…..due to that she s having heavy hairfall too….one more is it's spreading to my other cats too
    Pl Dr expecting a video soon before it could go bad
    Thank u so much for all ur remedies

  3. Thank you so much, for this information, Doctor.

    I saw your short after I awoke this morning, and you made me laugh so much.

    My poodle boy has been licking his left paw recently, so I will heed your timely advice.

    Thank you once again for all your help, and for often bringing a smile to my face!

  4. 😂😂 I’m sorry that’s funny I’m always telling my fiancé that!..just had a bath today no more corn chips😂 & it’s not often or terribly bad..he does like massages & I do get in between toes he loves it & seems to help no more smell..thanks doc love that ur very thorough with everything❤🐾

  5. aka "frito's feet"! I'd like to know why my dog gives off an odour when i try to shave her. It's clearly due to fear/stress, but where does it come from? When i adopted her, she had been through quite a lot and was absolutely rank – so rank, her foster stupidly spritzed her with chanel no 5, which obviously just made it 10x worse.

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