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  1. Addiction to class A drugs is rarely forced on anyone. People have come away from their addiction without the need for long term support on Methadone (Russel Brand for example). The rise of drugs such as Fentanyl being cut into street drugs is more likely the cause of fatalities; watch other videos on the Vice channel that detail this. I hate the Tories by the way, never have voted for them and likely never will. Addicts need to take personal responsibility though, addiction is something that can and has been proven to be possible to overcome. The long term Methadone users will highly likely be shown if you look into the stats. In my local area you can regularly see the same people going the chemist for their script (an they have been going for years). You've got to take personable responsibility. The poor editing/cuts of the drug councillor don't help the point either.

  2. Drug users have a responsibility to their own bodies. It's not the politician's role to tell people not to put poison into their bodies. If I take drugs, it's my choice, my decision,my action. People must know and take responsibility for their lives.

  3. The UK's policy on treating addictions is to jail the addicts and punish them for having an illness that they never wanted to begin with.
    Addicts are addicts because they're traumatised and retraumatising them by throwing them in jails and institutions is never going to get them well.
    Help them process the trauma they've suffered which drives their obsession to escape from and they may have a chance of recovering.
    Adding to their trauma only fuels the illness and causes them to want to escape further.

  4. The major underlying problem with addiction is not a physical problem but a spiritual one. Treatment of the addict medically is needed to ween off drugs and the complete abstinence afterwards will mandate the support of aftercare, like a 12 step program and a spiritual change causing the desire to stay sober, the spiritual becomes the backbone and foundation of sobriety after a addict returns to normal life, job, family, friends without spiritual fitness little hope is found.

  5. I agree and disagree with this. I am a Methadone user and it gave me my quality of life back probably saved my life. But here is the thing, I am a paying customer I don't get this for free. First of all if you have money for heroin you have money for methadone and its in fact much cheaper. It makes me value it. I don't rely on the government. I get a 1000ml of 2mg concentration every other month or so and no need to go and get it every day. I don't use tax payer money or use up someones valuable time.

  6. What angers me is the murder. The conservative party in the UK just preformed the first cull of the too poor to treat.. I know there is a special term for this like euthanasia for the infirm but it's not coming to mind. respond with your thoughts please.

  7. Being opiate dependent over decades is no fun! Some people need Opiates to funktion normal. That is known since 1923!!!! Stopping substitutìon programs is genocide of normal people who have a genetic predisposed low Endorphine count. ( prooven in 1972).

  8. the video assumes every individual responds to treatment. the way to die doing drugs is to do them a lot until you die… the government cannot prevent or cause that because our society is comprised of individuals. I agree, the government selling you one drug instead of one they used to sell you and then taking that drug away is going to cause problems… because there is a root problem creating drug addicts in certain areas of the country. addiction isn't caused by the government. big pharma does benefit from methadone just like they benefit from the castration chemicals, who in their right mind would deny that.. Boots Pharmacy received 3.9 million pounds in tax money for supplying methadone… that fact was took me 10 seconds to find.

  9. they have conveniently left out the data leading up to the 2 covid years…. why? MANIPULATION, LYING BY OMISSION. You guys from VICE really think we're that dumb? Wow.

  10. This is so biased, what about covid lockdowns, fentanyl, depressive zero future for youngsters… the drugs ARE more deadly… VICE you're becoming more and more SCHEISS.

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