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  1. Hi,Dr.Jones,
    It's okay buddy
    I've been working on my temper and perseverating about bad things that I shouldn't be doing I really like all of videos that you posted on YouTube.

  2. Great video thanks for your transparency about how you feel right now in life. I had a life or death event happen with my pet 16 months ago when my chocolate lab was failing. He would just be walking and faint.What got my attention was when he fell over into his food while eating his dinner. We immediately rushed him to the emergency veterinarian and he was immediately rushed back for testing. We were told his heart rate was very low and they wanted to run some test. While they were running test they told us to go home it would take a couple hours. We were home about 30 minutes and we got the call his heart was shutting down and the only way to save our boy would be to have a pacemaker installed. We didn’t even have to think about it we said do it install the pacemaker. There was a high chance he would not make it through the procedure because of his low heart rate but to make a long story short and three hours of waiting during the surgery my boy made it. He is doing good with his pacemaker but he is not the same. He has to be taken to his cardiologist every six months and they give him a checkup and make any adjustments to his pacemaker. It’s tough and expensive but we wouldn’t want to do life without our chocolate lab. I want to thank you for your videos and to let you know they have been very helpful in helping my dog with his heart issues. He will be nine this year and is starting to have arthritis but by making adjustments to his diet and using supplements he is doing okay and I hope by making little adjustments in how we care for him we will extend his life for many more years. God bless you and thanks for all you do for us fur baby parents.

  3. please do not take this wrong………I am not writing this in an angry tone, so I hope that it doesn't come across this way………..but, do not feel that you are alone in dealing with these issues……….as far as being disillusioned by life, I know it all too well………..I had to leave medical practice because of health issues and being very disappointing in the profession that I worked so hard to "get into"……..the practice of human medicine is far from easy……….the climate is trying to deal with horrific administrators………lawyers are constantly swirling around……..and as much as I truly loved most of patients, sometimes a patient that you actually helped can stab you in the back……HMO lawyers I found out were not trying to defend innocent doctors………it took just under a year at the urging of a relative, to see a private lawyer, and my name was dropped from a malpractice suit……I was the 13th doctor named on this suit…….so whatever any doctors previously did, I was held accountable for that too……..thankfully my name was dropped from the suit, but after much grief on many issues, I chose not to practice clinical medicine anymore…………….this brings with it a whole new set of depressive issues………I'm writing this as I've seen some of your previous videos, at how difficult it is to be a veterinarian………I would assume that this is very true, you're dealing with very serious issues of animal health, and administrators often don't help but instead do harm to the entire practice…………as far as health issues discussed in this video……….it is difficult………..life is tenuous

  4. Your honesty is refreshing. Thank you. I have recommended your work to a couple people. Hopefully you will have caught any problems before they materialize by your sad experience and your productive approach to bring your relationships where you desire them to be for the sake of your family, and also we are sorry for the loss of this young man who coached your son.

  5. im about to drop out of vet school…it was a hard decision but I realized animal is a passion but medicine not so much, I cannot cope with the sheer amount of stress and knowledge that is required…mentally Im breaking down

  6. So many of us appreciate every thing you do. Over the years whenever I felt over whelmed or discouraged, I would only have to look into the eyes of the ones who love us unconditionally, and everything felt as it should. These are the faces of all our rescues over the years, all have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, never forgotten. Our hearts and home are now filled with new rescues, new faces who look at us adoringly, they give our lives purpose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G-xEeuq1U0

  7. It sounds like your immortal spirit temporarily got stuck on the idea that you only get one body, one chance to experience life. I’m happy that you realize now that what you’re doing as a Vet in your current body, is just one of millions of chances you’ll have to help others in their journey. I for one, am very grateful that you chose to be a Vet this time around. You’re helping many animals and people to better care for each other, and showing them a more natural way to live. Death is a fiction, your memories aren’t stored in your body, you are, forever 🙂

  8. I enjoy watching your videos! Fairly new subscriber and you've already helped me with my big crew of animals! Gonna check out your book! Need all the help I can get! Love them all❤️Thank you so much!
    So true what you said "Live in the present (Now) most definitely!

  9. We love you and ever greatfull to you. Thank you for teaching us, thank you for your compassion , for your work, thank you for being. Follow your joy …. With love and gratitude from another loving pet owner.

  10. Your such a good doctor,every time I have problems with my dog I always look into your channel, don't think about quitting because your helping a lot of people and animals as well your such a blessing to us sharing all your knowledge,your doing the right thing GOD BLESS YOU ALWAS

  11. Dr. Jones we are here for you and I am listening . You are a generous kind soul. The amount of videos you produce are not governed by the demand of your followers they should be as and when you want to share. Each video you make is like a ripple in time without time constraints because we can watch them whenever we like. Everyone lives in their own universe and that's ok …like you I too experience the intensity of the challenges of making sense of this existence and it is completely normal. Take care of yourself and your loved ones first and thank you for whatever time you spend doing Veterinary Secrets it's ok too if you quit because you are the most important thing in your world.

  12. Grateful you've decided to continue, I very much appreciate what you share. Just one comment, in addition to what you shared, " live in the present, not waiting for the future"; through personal experience, feeling your desired future in the present is very powerful and keeps you focused on what you want (very empowering), rather than what you don't want (which is often fear based)

  13. Dr Jones, you have already made such a huge contribution to others by posting all of these videos. You are respected and loved on YT, please do not be hard on yourself, you probably really needed the break and maybe things are changing so just hang loose and do what you can. I could go back over all your vids and still learn a ton of new info. YOu are also a man of courage and conviction to make the breaks that you made with the establishment. All the best to you and yours.

  14. EVERYONE gets into a rut at times and yes we DO need to step back and take stock of ur life, but one thing you can be sure of is that as is verified by the comments to date that you are wanted they are genuine in their appreciation of what you do on your videos with advice etc. I LOVE the more holistic way of helping our furry, feathered and scaley family members and when something pops up I will go thru ur videos before i go to the vets. I have learnt a lot from you and as a result when friends say oh Sue this or that is happening to Angel or what do you think do i need to go to a vet and i can help them because of you. So NEVER doubt your videos as a waste of time and unappreciated, because they ARE highly valued. Take time for yourself and heal ur heart or soul if need be, we will still be here when you are ready to get full time back into it. And remember, FAMILY and yourself FIRST

  15. I just found your channel as my three dogs have kennel cough. I know your life as a vet is demanding. We need comprehensive and compassionate doctors. Partner up with one other vet so you can have enough time with your family. I'm subscribing now btw, and good luck to you.

  16. We all love you, Dr. Jones….you've helped so many of us, God bless you for all the good things you've done for so many ppl and animals….hopefully, life is sweet for you, and we will have you for many years to come!

  17. Bless you for what you do. Please allow yourself enough time to do what ever you need to do to feel happier. You give so much it's important to give to yourself to and take time out . Hope you feel better, just take your time .

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