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  1. You know, I would absolute love to see, an Australian take on this. I'm going to have to have a peek around the internet. Because a touch of honey, a touch of lemon myrtle pepper, and some of the popping inner cells of the Australian finger limes, would be phenomenal.

  2. Try the recipe in the video with mixed Korean rice (purple-ish grain). Do this in a 1/3 portion rice because they are mixed with brown rice with a variety of beans (more fish to starch ratio).

  3. i was stationed in hawaii and I always went to this grocery store in Nanakuli that made the absolute best Poke !!! I miss it so much, mainland just doesnt do it like hawaii

  4. It is spelled R A W nasty fish! Well I feel better now laughing at myself! Never had it and is looks like fish lovers delight but not for this girl you ALL can eat mine! I will eat veggies or light meats! dear God if only I could just to look at it scares me! Sir you told a wonderful history of poke that I found interesting oh spicey as what oh no rosary time! ha ha ha 🙂 Good luck guys!

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