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  1. Can you contact me in PM ? I wonder if anybody will help me out and send some dab to me .. Where i live its not available sooo sad ;((( In the land of the coffeshops ( in many many many years ago ) But those days my country is decades behind in all you can imagine … Offcourse i can make it myself .. but i just want to have a taste of it so i know what good quality you guys have there ! Offcourse i pay in advance and if needed extra .. I also pay for SHIPMENT .. Its easy to send isnt it ?

  2. u the only one with a review of this piece! cool, was thinking if i should buy this as a flower piece but u pointed out very well that its not teh best for it. but whats the difference between this and the gravlabs bubbler, wouldnt it be just as harsh? I would think the mini nectar dome would hit nicer.

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