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  1. i disagree with the new age claims of gravity bong… my generation invented this back when i was a teen… this is not a gravity bong… you fill a bucket of water then cut the bottom out of one of those huge soda bottles… make a bowl on where the cap goes… you stick the bottle in bucket… attach the bowl, light the bowl and pull up on it so it draws in smoke.. once at top near surface you remove bowl and put your lips over cap area inhale while pushing down on the bottle instantly taking in all the smoke… what you are doing is like a water bong hooka…

  2. The Destroyer, The Juggernaut, Gravitron, The MechaRipper, Bongzilla, Brainsmasher. I can go all day. Lol. I say if you like and choose one of my names you hook it up with a iq press like the one in this video and some merch to rep y’all. 😉😉 awesome piece. Much love you guys. Love the videos.

  3. I think I going to buy a nugsmasher in the future!! The only chance to smoke some good dab!! Is do it my self!! I love your content !! I live in Norway and I think its expensive fore me to get a nugsmasher shipp too Norway!? Pleas give me a answer and price for shipp and ofcourse the nugsmasher it self!!

  4. Needa make a smaller desk top version that can take in different size Mason Jars for different sizes if wanted. And more affordable for the regular poor man. Haven't checked yet but I can pretty much assume thing huge titan of a machine is going to cost a pretty penny. Which quality stuff isn't cheap I get that. Just an idea for later. Awesome machine guys.

  5. Make a enail attachment for accessories build metal box with holes in the back for the wires and a square hole cut in the box so you can adjust the temp while its inside and it could be adjustable for different size enails weld it to the outer frame

  6. On another level. How sick is that design. If I walked into a party and that Firehose Iron Torture Chamber Beast was there, I would NEVER forget it. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Hats off

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