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  1. Bro’s try’s to compare an hhc joint that he sells compared to actual weed that will get you stoned. Compared to literally garbage HHC. Nobody has heard of HHC until 2022 it’s synthetic and will kill you. And dude still takes a rip of the Cali pre roll even tho it’s trash. This kid must be poor. Reselling pieces 😂😂

  2. That THC was probably packed at the proper weight and a bit dry at the time; the HHC oil was probably fresh, or the nature of the engineered compound was more stable for the conditions.

    Smoke natural, not "legal."

  3. No hate at all bro but what even is that? Theres no way its regular bud. It doesnt even look like weed it looks like some ground up spices. Its way too green and isnt little ground up nugs like regular weed idk what that is but i wouldnt smoke it over normal bud lol.

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