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  1. "When I think of nitrous i'm thinking of soda.. bubbles.. or.. this is to lighten it?"
    She speaks utter nonsense and looks the least bit comfortable with anything in that kitchen, where are you finding these "Chefs"?

  2. I spent 5 dollars on the nitro cold brew. The 5 dollar bill that I paid for it would have tasted better than the cold brew. I'm not kidding. The cold brew taste like cold mud water

  3. Eh. It's not like I ever make anything I see in these videos anyway. Just something to watch while I eat my breakfast of a package of peanut butter crackers. But yeah, the fact that this video is an ad should be more clearly stated.

  4. Crap video. I want videos of things I can MAKE, not pretentious stuff that I might BUY if I saw it. It takes too long to make, and is beginning just a sandwich, so it's nothing special. The advert included inside this video also annoyed me.


  5. Guys – this is very gastro pub, but takes way too much gear to make a breakfast sandwich. And who has to clean that whipped cream spritzer now that you have put egg protein inside? I suspect you may have ruined it. Please give me recipes I might be able to duplicate in a 'normal' household kitchen with normal grocery store ingredients.

  6. I will just make creamy scrambled eggs addin cream cheese into it lil bit of butter , cut the middle of éclair , fill it with my scrambled eggs, close it again, add the chedar torch it , while its hot add spring onion , add bacon and smoke it with thyme or oregano , i think it will less complicated and faster , u can skip the part of smokin it

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