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  1. 6months is the proper curing time but ive had bud i forgot bout for 2 years under my bed and when ive pulled it out is has genuinly been way stronger than the bud i sold i guess longer its in the right conditions better it becomes almost like a aged wine 😂❤❤

  2. bro gets street bud put in fake alibaba jars and thinks its real "cali-bud" lmao. dude is in the UK, yk damn well its just fake packaging… even in illegal states in the us most of it is just fake packaging. so i can guarantee it is even more so in the UK. the packaging sells.

  3. Left some of my home grow in a jar for 7 months waiting to give it to my homie on his birthday cuz he liked the way it smoked. Still smoked the same when his birthday came around.

  4. I got 18 different strains of dispensary flower and when I come home I put all my flour in mason jars with 62% Boost 2-way humidity packs and I keep them for months and the buds are always sticky and fresh.

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