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  1. Its harvest time where i live …..and man i have the best weed in the universe 😅 …one indica pheno it hugs you nice the other sativa dwarf launches u up suprisingly the third resin bomb Sugarplant put u to sleep 100% forth is sativa ananas/grapefruit/rasspberry and some other flowery things u cant stop smelling …after all pests that exist, affids 3 invasions, and spidermites all the time, and 1:55 these guys two varietys, and no rain 35+C everyday 2-3 warmest dryest fryng summer rmonths and watering 2 times a day with tap water long period, and no sun but rain and clouds and chemtrails everyday from 4th septembar to 3rd october in full natural flowering i reached to nice sunny dry finish last 10days ….i got killer nice weed ….yea and my coffe smell plant i quit but i'm, ceeping thisTWO PUFF bluberryshgasolina HAPPYNESS as long as posibbl 😅 it has crazy looking foxtailimg fluffy buds and worms love it too, they've eaten thirdof my plant i pulled out at least 100 wormguys out of it but they cept coming back all the time, …..i was almost crying 😂😂

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