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  1. Him getting blamed for the dudes death is pretty shitty honestly. And it makes sense. He just seems like a straightforward guy. He’s not gonna kiss your ass. And I think it’s a great thing he doesn’t just go because customers want to, when it’s such a weather dependent thing.

  2. He runs his business illegally! Check with the city and hope you dont die! no legal recourse with an actual company. He also takes off in places that are illegal to fly from. The address he uses is not his business address. I know, I lived there for 15 years. Numskulls constantly knocking on our door asking if this was the spot. I personally had his truck towed for illegally parking in front of the emergency beach access that he also has no legal right to use, cause he has no business license with the city or beaches and harbors. I mean if you wanna trust your life to a cell phone number that is not connected to anyone who is legally responsible for your death, then damn straight you should sign up with this toolbox of a human and risk loosing it all. I personally would stick with a reputable company that has insurance and responsibility. You can ask the dude who broke his back if claude helped him out with medical bills..

  3. Claude is an experienced pilot for sure, but due to several safety incidents and a confrontational relationship with the local paragliding community he has been stripped of his credentials and booted out of the national organization (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) afaik.

  4. Man, here I am, watching a great video and I ask myself, who is this? Oh, it’s VICE. My god, it’s been literal years, I kinda forgot you existed. And holy moly, I just checked out vice’s vids from the last month, none are the least bit cringy? Could this be the turning of media ?

  5. The stuff he says "I haven't lost anyone yet this year" is literally just dry humor, some people don't understand it and take it as being seriousness. Also have to remember that most people that review things post negatively. There are probably 50 great experiences for every 1 bad one at least.

  6. He's clearly very good at paragliding, but his man management, expectation management skills and presentation style…………need work. You should have a proper induction, explanation about what is what, where you're going, what to do in an emergency and stuff. I'm amazed this is even allowed in the US, where you get sued for even breathing.

  7. I did my first paragliding last year, before take off I only asked my guy how much experience he got, he said he's been doing that for 6 years, that's when I thought I'm in good hands. And boy it was great from take off to landing 🔥💯

  8. I would assume someone would act different in front of TV cameras than with private citizens. And whether what Claude was saying about the reasons behind the reviews were true or not, most people in general would down play or flat out lie about the reasoning..

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