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    If anyone is wondering about the censoring:
    i don't do it to monetise the video lmfao, the video gets age restricted and then nobody can see it. I literally uploaded an uncensored version and it automatically got age restricted, so i had to censor it to upload it. Otherwise nobody can see it. It's either censored and everyone can see it or it's uncensored and nobody can see it. A few other channels can show bud because even when they have 1m subs if it gets age restricted it can still maybe get 70k viewsish… if i upload a video and it gets age restricted it'll get like 10k views and people will ask me why i haven't uplaoded anything because it doesn't show on feeds.

  2. 3:21 hey when’s the next twitch stream testing more bud? Have you tried any of the rec co bud? It’s all the same but the mountain strains tend to be much more potent due to their entity and ancient routing. Most seeds are well more preserved with the mountain range scene.

  3. I feel very jealous, I live in the UK and I have never seen or heard of any of the strains you have or the branded packets. Where do you get it from? It's driving me nuts

  4. This dude should be embarrassed putting out this content. He said “this is for all the people saying I have fake packs” hahahahahaha just because it tested at the same percentage the bag said doesn’t mean it’s not fake hahahaha. I would put my life on the fact that it’s not real haha. The white raspberry comes in completely different packaging. Never ever has come in soft packs. Only a couple of their strains have

  5. Love you dude and people always assuming man just keep going don't worry about the dumb folks I'm sure you don't anyway love your channel been following u for a good few years now keep up the good work dude

  6. There one feature I'm just noticing. That machine tells the moisture content. I wonder how accurate the moisture content part works. Maybe you could test fresh dried weed with some that dryed for few months. That moisture feature is more important to me than THC content, just because I think good dry has alot to do with good smoke. Be cool see how well that works as well. THANKS ONE MY FAV WEEDTUBERS

  7. Im gassed yesterday i was drunk as shit and waffled to someone and a coke dealer gave me like 2 grams of weed for free so cant go wrong with free weed pretty sure he gave it to so that id leave him alone either way a W on ny side

  8. Bro we’re is the best place to get bud from in the uk does my nut in that in America it’s legal In a lot of places and they get high grade every were over here there’s alot of sprayed weed and sometimes u can’t even taste it people get addicted to the mad chemicals that gets sprayed on them. Maybe you can test your bud for any added chemicals if there’s a test for that

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