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  1. did yoiu ever had stress problems with lollipoping i harvested one of mine and has so much baby nugs wonderign if removing that on autos makes sense ty !

  2. Grown a bunch of Mephistos now, and love every one. I started looking around at other breeders to mix it up.
    Any other recommendations? I've grown a couple Night Owls – they're bomb diggity just more sativa-leaning than Mephisto.
    Just got my hands on a couple Ethos (lilac diesel smells killer so far) and Twisted Tree beans…who else is killing it for autos?

  3. I never grew autos before but I was always told even by info learned by watching grow vids like Mr Canucks Grow that says you cant clone or reveg autos and should start them directly into the pot they will finish in & can only do training before the flower period starts then the only thing you can do after flowering starts is doing canopy defoliation but it seems like obviously you can do those things and it looks really good

  4. All I used this time is reused soil. I added a lot of dry amendments late last season that I didn't think it got used, I got froze out. It seems fine so far, no indications of anything lacking. Going to add at the start of flower. 10 gelatos. Yeah man.💪😤🤳

  5. Soil mites from NYC compost have caused me to rethink soil. I had to remove all my plants and then pour boiling water into all the pots to kill off the soil mites and they still survived. Now I have added diatomaceous earth and am allowing the soil to completely dry out before I even entertain planting new beans. I also observed that my hydro plants were doing a lot better.

  6. BRUH. Heaven at 2:30, YOU are a beast!
    Even though you don't do living organics(even though you know you should xD), you mention, "or what do you do to make it even itself out"
    You are keeping EVERY1 in mind while you are teaching, even if it's not your style.
    Great way of teaching and thinking of your whole audience.
    Thank you to you both, Great Channel, tho I usually stay quiet. Lol

  7. Bluelab meter all the way for ph and ppm here. More expensive but a excellent meter and i can replace ph probe if needed. Id use apera if bluelab didnt exist. I never test soil ph. I just check and adjust water going in. If water going in is in range so should your soil. Ive never once tested soil ph in my 3 years and never a problem as long as ph going in is right.

  8. I got to grow Orange u tan, jammy dodgers and purple nuggets from mephisto. Purple Nuggets was my fav. I got some strawberry infused weed wine made a year ago about to be ready wit a branch infused in it from jammy dodgers. Cant wait to try that wine 🙂

  9. I used to germinate seeds paper towel method or in a rapid rooter. I get the best success just planting seeds directly a knuckle deep in the soil as nature intended. Easy and no transplant stress. Do you guys use Great White or Recharge for bennies?

  10. Should use an earthbox if you have hieght restrictions. Those 5 gallon buckets take up twice the hieght of a 5 gallon pot and almost 3 times as tall as an earthbox. Plus you can mound the earth box with the plastic mulch cover. You guys should check out build a soils channel.

  11. I really don't recommend to clone auto Flowers, just the fact that their life span is shorter. Also recommend when doing auto seeds to go straight to the pot size you want it to do. Transplanting them will stun the plant and have the yield to be reduce and will grow smaller. For clones I would go more with Feminized seeds due to not having a time limit till you switch to flower mode.

  12. If you know somebody who burns wood for heat, get some ashes. Wood ashes have a pH of 11 when in water. But they have lots of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, and manganese. Put a cup of ashes into a quart of water. Stir and let it stand for about an hour. Shake up and then pour some into your soil. Don't put it all in at once. Add 1/4 of it at a time and stir up the soil well, then retest the pH. Ashes are VERY high pH so be careful, a little goes a long way. Ashes add so many nutrients, they are worth it.

  13. Auto clone is going to do nothing but finishing flowering. Autos are an alternative to having to use clone stock in the first place. You can clone photos not autos, well with any end success.

  14. Is it common with youtube cannabis content creators to back up all there raw and edited videos?
    Seems high risk with deletion & its a tax write off. A ali-express x99 and a old school xeon with a good whack of ram is cheap and goes hard with ZFS/unraid/freenas. Pile of best bang for buck drives and good to go. Edit on a 10GB connection to it and it can chug through uploads. I really rate them, with a air gapped weekly back up drive they are sound.

  15. If your camera is overheating (assuming you're filming in 4k?) You can keep the battery compartment/flap open and the flip screen away from the body. This should prevent this issue. Or, use a "dummy" battery to keep the heat down as well.

    My Sony a6400 has the same issue, and these fixed the over heating.

    As always, great episode and thanks for sharing, y'all!

  16. Always use the great white no tplant shock since I been using it glad to know u tplant the autos I started mine in solos for 2nd time alot people say you shouldnt but think the great white and not waiting to long to do it doesnt cause any harm 3 trainwrecks 2 GDP 2 tropicana cookies cant wait to see how they turn out thanks for the video growmies

  17. Crushed oyster shell would get the ph up a bit plus adds extra source of calcium. Also don't need to worry to much about ph as the microbes do all the heavy lifting and ph adjusting. But oyster shell would be great for getting ph up a little 😉🤘🤘

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