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  1. don’t like it when they say “they’re similar” no shit they’re gonna do what they’re made to do just split the difference tell us one takes slower to heat and material maybe differently processed making it harder/longer to clean

  2. Yeah carbong layout mandates no cheap chinesium bangers cause my table is my lap and I'd rather wait to roast some nuts till later when I have the munchies. Seriously 10 mins cook time 3 mins prep time and that calming campfire crackle while your almonds cool down lolol

  3. Man. If you see this just buy a damn American banger. I learned the hard way over the past few months. You’re gonna break so many Chinese bangers. They break it the dumbest ways. No weld American all the way. Rockin with a blender rn

  4. Fyi, if you bought a Chinese banger, and it doesn't seal in your bong, don't throw it away. That's silly. Just put some chapstick around the male insert of the banger, and it will seal perfectly. In fact, I put chapstick around the male segment of any joint on any glass smokewear. That way you can easily sepperate them for cleaning. I've broken many down stems, and bowl pieces, because they got so stuck to the insert. Chapstick solves this problem. And if used thinly enough, serves the convenience purpose, and doesn't make a big mess at all

  5. I had no idea about a lot of this. I wish I would have. I was able to pick up dabbing again just recently. I miss-matched a slurp/vacuum banger from one company, and a directional carb cap from another. Was trying to get a spinning carb cap. Well the squared insert on the other side of the carb cap (it's double sided) won't fit into the top of the banger. So i've fumbled already and dropped it once. It still works it's just in two pieces now 🙁

  6. Good vid nice for getting going just a heads up pretty sure campfire is import. A high quality import great option but them bear quartz, victory, are imports but the give good specs so you get a good option for the low

  7. I was wondering why I had a joint break on a banger!! I had chazzed my regular one, and went to the nearest smoke shop to buy the cheapest thing to replace it for now. 3 uses and it broke. Your videos are really helpful, thank you!

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