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  1. I just had some bud, I've gone through so many different strains everything from the orignal dawg to wedding/black wedding cake and how the fuck can you tell the difference in taste, the taste of bud makes me 🤢🤢🤢 the taste is absolute vile, help🤣🤣

  2. You looked so fucked up so I wouldn’t be saying that for 1 pound like 1.25.-1.50 is I think if conversation is right is a steal when you for 4.50 you’d have an eight which is 20 plus for any weed you gone buy in the us

  3. Loved Thailand went a couple weeks ago for a few weeks smoked like 200 gram was so cheap and found a nice dispenser which I could become a memeber of and hopefully come into partnership to open another shop 😀 had over 30 strains at 4 to 6 pound a gram all burnt amazing and all whacked me way better than the uk legal market 😅

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