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  1. I think I'll make that for my shops Christmas late lunch. 90% of my shop smokes so it's not a big deal. New strains for me. Citral glue and rainbow belts. Both are perfect for the end of night smoke and crawl into bed for heavy relaxation. Gonna mix them together tonight.

  2. I personally would like to see you down a whole 1,000 mg of tincture and give us a review. If not, then a challenge where you eat all the cookies! Like the cookie monster!! lol 🙂

  3. I’ve been sick past couple weeks so decided to make a batch of cookies with 3 grams of some leftover badder, easily the best edibles I’ve ever had 😂 the first night I ate 5 cookies and literally had my head spinning struggling to lift my head for a drink of water 😂

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