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  1. WTF , that's so so expensive! Over $200 USD for 7 g, if you don't know conversions. I just got a fire oz for 25 usd. You should definitely come to United States! Some states I would totally avoid but I have a feeling US stuff will be his favorite. Especially if he goes to California. Say what you want about the state, they know what their doing with weed! Tons of other good states too! In a surprising turn of events Illinois actually has cheaper weed than some countries. Blows my mind cause their crazy expensive too. Makes me wonder where the most expensive weed in world is. Chances are just because you pay more doesn't mean it's better stuff. It's all just marketing and branding.

  2. 175 £ for 7g is ridiculous. Got the first sour OG seeds as a present from a friend in UK around eight years ago. I really loved to grow that stuff, yield was amazing, buzz too…few years later I got a bulk of sour og from another friend. Still I'd never pay 25 for one G of flower😂😂😂😂

  3. Lol unlike Cali bud BC bud is federal so no 10% flux if it says 35% its 35% I smoke two strains Venom OG by The Loud Plug & Kush Mints by Tweed both are 30.5%-36.4% and 120$Can (100 us ) for an oz , somtimes i paint inside of blunts w 80-90% royalty honey shatter

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