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  1. That guy is definitely cold af tho, cause he was actually ripping it instead of slow pulls, is it that cold out there, one dude had a beanie, sweater and jacket. Im not even dressed like that in this east coast cold winter yet 😅😂

  2. Fire ass idea 😭😭🔥 Love your content bro I’m not one to comment much on creators videos I watch but recently I have for some reason like y’all my friend or sum lol but I seen the thumbnail and just started laughing lol blessing to you and ur kid bro congratulations to everything you’ve accomplished cus your energy shows you deserve it, Glad you posted this banger bro stay up you a legend in this weed content shit

  3. This first video i seen (MrTHC) i commented on but good shyt bro stay blinking the blinkers 😅😂😅😂 N giving back too the community One hit a time with lil $$$$ stay pushing and grinding out their on a postive note peace 420 shout out frm RosePark,Ut 801

  4. Been following you for years bro, but very disappointed with the picture in the thumbnail. Everyone thinks they know everything about this conflict without living it themselves and seeing the truth through their own eyes and not an instagram post or an edited video.
    Been a fun ride with you mr thc.
    Wishing you the best always no matter what.

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