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  1. I completely get how rough it is to try to function with that kind of back and nerve pain. I finally had to go to the chiropractor because a pinched nerve in my back was causing numbness in my limbs. I woke up one morning with my entire arm numb and unable to move my arm or fingers at all for about a minute. Scared me into the doctor real quick. Now I'm going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week and found out that most of my health issues over the last few years are connected to my jacked-up back and neck. To sum it up, aging is a bitch but make sure to take care of yourself so that you can keep doing what you're doing

  2. I absolutely love this guy don’t want to sound like a fan boy 😂 but I love all the videos and I’m happy someone is doing something I have always wanted to do. I really hope my hard work will pay off. I can’t wait to become a weed tuber just need to wait 1 or 2 years to be old enough to

  3. As a person who can feel everything I can empathize with your back pain when u talk about it In videos because I can feel it too. I'm just so proud of you for just getting up everyday because I know what it's like to not walk myself. True warrior and I'm proud of you and your team man don't let anyone dog you for enjoying life y'all deserve everything and your back will be healed amen💓

  4. Aye yola, when you and marty come to buffalo, make sure you let the fans know! Im just getting started building my own brand, and I'll have some merch and my own grow for you guys to check out! Im not asking you guys to promote it. I just think you'll find everything dope as fuck!

  5. Homie FUCK THE HATERS. I LOVEE seeing you get these amazing dope things. You are SO KIND and so fucking real. I see me in you seeing you win pushes and inspire me to go out and work harder. Push trees is the backround on my phone to remind me to never stop pushing.

    Please dont give them attention. They dont deserve it. Miserable people who have no drive to make their lives better will stay mad and stay miserable

  6. My favorite video this year was propably the Story time: How I Made Money As A Kid. It was super immersive! Also thank you so much for the content you and people around you produced. It was dope and many times it cheered me up to get up my ass and do stuff and live life. I get the statement to push as much positive content as possible but I also love how you can be honest and tell us if something is fucked up and thats just how the life is. I wish you many awesome years to come doing what you love and I am glad we can be part of it.

  7. Thanks to you and Marty you guys helped me get outta some dark times I hope to see what you guys have planned for the pod on to bigger and better things for 2024 MUCH LOVE💯‼️

  8. Fuck the Haters Homie your an inspiration always putting out class content and leveling up the fact you got that house got that watch inspired me to start putting content out shit he can Win I wanna win too. Glad your at the top bro enjoy Your Shit you worked hard for it and you deserve it! one love homie stay blessed and stay blazed <3

  9. Thomas you have the correct attitude. Haters are always going to be there, you can't please them. They are jealous, hate their own life and MUST project on others. So you walk away. It's sad that people can't appreciate how hard you and Rosie and busted your asses to get what you have now. Like you say, be happy for that person. If you work hard, you too can have nicer things. Fuck em!

  10. I’m proud of you bro. You may not see this as I’m late but not only you but Rosie, Marty, John, all of you have grown so much this year business wise and personally. You have seemed more energetic the past few months and you’re more out there and I love it. You help me get out of bed sometimes even so I can’t thank you enough for the entertainment I ain’t switching up on you ever you are the realest YouTuber fr🤟

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