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  1. Great vid! I enjoyed your analysis. I vape almost exclusively, with Airvape's Legacy Pro SE and X/X Royal as my daily drivers. Airvape devices consistently deliver good hits, though the battery life on the X series is limited. I love the Genius pipe-like airway of the Polar Flow (another flat chamber like the Legacy Pro and Firefly), but it's chamber needs to be bigger and it needs an improved battery.

  2. Love my air max the only thing I don’t like it’s how small the blows are and how air flow restricted they are I wish they made more holes at the bottom of the glass.

  3. I appreciate you. Thank you. Unfortunately, I believe we have a ways to go before even the most basic health guards are implemented. Far too many heating coils and/or chambers leech metals. Expensive, big names like S&B have plastics in their vapor paths!

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